Time for a Tune-Up?

August 4, 2008

Your car gets an oil change every 3,000 miles and your computer has a maintenance agreement to keep it running smoothly. Those are important to making a living, but what do you do for your life?

“I’m pretty convinced that most of us spend more time taking care of our technology than ourselves,” says Rico Tallud, owner of Be Well, Inc., a new Asian-therapies business, on Irving Park Road, near Western Avenue, in Chicago’s “Northcenter” neighborhood. “We’re trying to shift that paradigm. Be Well provides a wonderful opportunity for busy parents, overworked executives and weekend warriors to take a much-needed break.”

Tallud knows how important that is. He left a 14-year banking career because the stress was destroying his health and his time with his young family. Inspired by his Korean mother-in-law – a lifelong devotee of Asian therapies – he underwent a three-week, total-immersion program of meridian-style massage, treatment by an herbalist, dry saunas and more, at an Atlanta-based treatment facility.

Those three weeks changed his life – and inspired Rico and his wife, Julie, to open Be Well, Inc., a therapeutic wellness center that focuses on the art of Asian therapies.

“We’ve created a very clean, stylish and peaceful environment that also is welcoming and unintimidating,” notes Tallud. “Our services are affordable, too.” They range from a 15-minute “Express Wellness” massage for $40; to a one-hour meridian muscular, acupressure, deep-tissue or hot-stone massage for $88; to a package of six, pre-paid one-hour massage sessions for $450.

“We also are very pleased to offer the services of Dr. Suh, who studied acupuncture and herbology at Shanghai University. He has acupuncture and herbal clinics in Wheeling and Kenosha, and also is available at Be Well – to provide customized herbal remedies for our clients.”

“Julie and I have put enormous time and attention into the creation of Be Well,” says Rico. “We know what an incredible difference that Asian therapies have made in my life and we’re delighted to offer them to our clients, too.”

For more information, visit www.be-well-chicago.com or call (773) 588-WELL.